I was born in East Orange , New Jersey , raised on Monmouth County and have lived in Ocean County for the last 20 years.  I have always loved drawing – my earliest memories are of doing pencil portraits of professional football players for my brothers and his friends.  By high school I had taken up pen and ink and was fortunate enough to work after school for a children’s clothing store whose owner allowed me to do their fashion illustrations for the newspaper.  I would take home the chosen outfit and decide on a theme for the layout, referring to fashion magazines for poses.

In college, I majored in fashion illustration and business, but decided to “be sensible” and get an office job after graduation.  Fortunately, I discovered a happy medium for the time being – while looking over the shoulder of the draftsman in my engineering group, I offered to help him on my own time.  I then became a draftsperson and while I was not doing landscapes and portraits, I was at least DRAWING.  I now own my own business doing CAD drawings for architects, environmental companies, interior designers and various other small businesses in the area.

Over the years I took art classes and since the time that my children had grown up enough to allow me the freedom, I have always had something on my easel.  About 10 years ago, I joined Pine Shores Art Association in Manahawkin , New Jersey and during one of the life classes, borrowed someone’s pastels.  I was hooked.  I have always loved the “hands-on” feeling of drawing with pencil and charcoal, but now I had discovered the vibrant colors of pastels that one cannot find in any other medium.  

While I enjoy doing commissioned portraits and the occasional still life, I especially love painting landscapes, most especially on location. I find reflections in water, fall colors, the drama of beach scenes, rocks and buildings fascinating. It all lends itself beautifully to pastels – with textures, the blending of colors that the eye may not see, all make for an exciting piece.  I teach at Pine Shores Art Association and Ocean County Artists Guild weekly along with private individuals and groups. I also teach plein air workshops – 2011 - Cozumel, 2012 - Taos, New Mexico and in 2013 - Siena, Italy, 2014 - Westerly Rhode Island.